Cancel for a refund

A valid cancellation should be happened before a shipment.

If the order dispatched, you cannot cancel the order.

Return for a Refund

If you are not satisfied with a product because it is faulty or damaged, you can send it back to us for a refund within a period of 15 days after you have received it. Please note that the shipping fee is not refunded.

If the product works but you do not wish to retain it, you can also send it back within 15 days for a refund. In this case, we will charge a portion of restocking and handling fee. We also do not refund the shipping fee.

Return for an Exchange

If you want to exchange it for the same product or other products, you can send it back to us for exchanging within 30 days of the purchase date. As the buyer, you will pay the shipping fee for returning the original item back to us, and we will pay the shipping fee for re-sending the item to you.


Please contact our customer service as soon as you find the quality problem about the received item. Please supply Order number, Payment number, image of defective items and the tracking number on the parcel cover to our customer service, we will reply you within 2 working days.

When you return the parcel, please pack the order in your original box (different boxes can be used, but we strongly encourage recycling where possible) and attach the new label, ensuring the original label is covered. Make sure you pack the item in its original packaging, including any hang-tags. Also, complete the returns delivery note by filling in the reason for return and include it in the package.

Refunds are only available within a period of 15 days after you receive the product.

Shipping Fee: Please understand you would be responsible for all shipping fees incurred for non-quality returns.

Only buyers who have paid the freight insurance when they placed the order do not pay for the return shipping fee.